Grot Busting

Sept 24th 2014: There has been a problem with fly-tipping in an alleyway at the western end of Western Rd. We have been informed by Rother's Environmental Health Dept that the rubbish has been cleared and "a lock will be installed at the front gate to the alleyway this October, hopefully that would stop fly-tippers from dumping waste to the alleyway." Rother has asked local residents living nearby to keep an eye for any person who may be dumping waste there.

Thanks to the officer who did this so expeditiously.

Summer 2013: The Town Team have been working on tidying up the Town Centre, and particularly the empty shops and the cinema. We are delighted to see work completed on the outside of the cinema now. Several shops have been cleaned and tidied up. We have introduced a Code of Practice for Commercial Letting Agents and Landlords so that we are all working to the same standards of presentation.