Bexhill Town Team has purchased a mobile CCTV unit for the use of Bexhill Police within Bexhill.

We used the remaining funds from the 10,000 we were granted by DCLG in September 2012. We used the majority of the funds to purchase the equipment for the Farmers' Market and to pay for the electricity supply to be connected in Devonshire Square.

RDC matched our remaining 3,000 with a similar amount from the s.106 funds which RDC allocated to Bexhill Town Team's plans. These funds are held and managed by Rother District Council. All expenditure is approved by Rother DC's Town Centre Steering Group and Cabinet. The Council's accounts are available on its web site.

The camera is now delivered and being used by Bexhill Police. It is 'mobile' in that it can be used, as it is needed, at any location in the town.